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Reading: Jean Paul Milliet (1844-1918): pittore, viaggiatore e collezionista di fotografie nell’Itali...


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Jean Paul Milliet (1844-1918): pittore, viaggiatore e collezionista di fotografie nell’Italia dell’Ottocento


Chiara Naldi

Università di Firenze, IT
About Chiara

Chiara Naldi (Firenze 1982), Dottore di ricerca in Studi Storico Artistici, è Cultore della Materia per il corso di Storia della Fotografia all’Università di Firenze. Si è formata all’Università di Firenze e di Udine, ha svolto un tirocinio post laurea nella fototeca Doucet dell’INHA di Parigi e un periodo di ricerca al Département des Peintures du Musée du Louvre durante il dottorato. I soggetti principali della sua ricerca sono i rapporti tra fotografia e scienza e tra fotografia e storiografia dell’arte nell’Ottocento.

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Jean Paul Milliet (1844-1918)

Painter, Traveller and Collector of Photographs in Nineteenth-century Italy

Jean Paul Milliet, a young student of the École des Beaux Arts in Paris, arrived in Florence for the first time in August 1866. It was the only stop on a training visit that led him to compete with the great masters of the Florentine fifteenth century. Subsequently, the painter undertook a sort of Grand tour of the so-called ‘Bel Paese’ (i.e. Italy) in full autonomy. It allowed him to explore the 'places' of masterpieces learned by the famous book ‘The Lifes’ of Vasari (Le Vite di Vasari), such as Giotto's frescoes in Padua, Luini's works in Milan and then again Florence, in Orvieto and in Rome. Visual training through engraved prints, training trips, the contemplation of the ancient masters of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries and the creation of an iconographic collection rich in photographic reproductions of works of art are various types of experience lived by Paul that mark a figure that is both universal and hybrid at the time. It allows, albeit in the analysis of the private affair, to outline a very significant case study of those cultural exchanges between Italy and France that were peculiar in the second half of the nineteenth century.

How to Cite: Naldi, C., 2020. Jean Paul Milliet (1844-1918): pittore, viaggiatore e collezionista di fotografie nell’Italia dell’Ottocento. Incontri. Rivista europea di studi italiani, 34(2), pp.57–71. DOI:
Published on 31 Jan 2020.
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